PHOTO ALBUM About the House and Activities
Winter Pictures at Bottom


roundtop.gif (52607 bytes)
Picture of the house and roundtop peak.. Hiking/X-C
ski/mountain bike trails go up behind the house. Trapp Family
Lodge has a cabin behind the top that serves food in winter
to X/C skiers.
terrace.gif (60462 bytes)
Grill for BBQ.
smuggs.gif (40006 bytes)
Weather permitting, park provides a good
day's worth of activities, 1 mile from house.
waterfall.gif (58513 bytes)
Bingham's Falls swimming hole. 55 degrees in summer- ouch!
notch.gif (49852 bytes)
Smuggler's Notch. So named because spirits used to be smuggled from Canada (just 60 miles north) through the notch.
slide.gif (74603 bytes)
This Alpine Slide is at Spruce Peak. Call 802-253-3000 to see if it is open during your retreat.
gondolas.gif (55315 bytes)
You can take the gondola to near the summit but you must hike the last bit (see picture). There also is an auto road to the summit.Call 802-253-3000 to see if they will be open during your retreat.
hiking.gif (68879 bytes)
Mt. Mansfield summit.
bikepath.gif (59050 bytes)
Bike path from Stowe to near ski area.
Open except when covered with snow
champlain.gif (57019 bytes) 
View from Lake Champlain- about 40 minute drive.
 fall.gif (48178 bytes)
It's that time of year again! Picture from front lawn.
bus.gif (47137 bytes)
Lots 'o room for your custom wheels.
x-c.gif (55216 bytes)
X-C trail out back door.
2skiing.gif (51704 bytes)
Skiing back from ski area
house.gif (43929 bytes)
Taken Feb. 2007 when all the news said
there was no snow in the East.

Even if there is no snow in Boston,
it's still safe to plan a ski trip!

Most of this snow occurs locally and is not
reported in the news media.

markernews.gif (80873 bytes)



markerw.gif (49391 bytes)
Mid season snow at 9 feet. (~3 meters)

markers.gif (57893 bytes)
Taken June 10th the same year.
Note snow still on ground.


upslope.gif (35412 bytes)
Snow line during "no snow January 2007"
Secret to snow on Mt. Mansfield: mountain base pictured above  90 ft.
above seal level, summit 4,400 ft. high. Moisture from Great Lakes
forced into uplift producing snow storm on top. (Note: this is as much
or more vertical drop than your favorite western or European ski

slakes.gif (24248 bytes)

New 110 million gallon snow making reservoir
means uniform snow coverage is guaranteed.
Snow-making starts Nov. 5th. Call 802-253-3000 about
using Spruce Peak golf course.

A few "old school" pictures


1962 MBA class skiing home-note ski outfits at bottom. (From full page HOLIDAY magazine spread Dec. 1962.)
1962-8bw.gif (217291 bytes)


A Motor-City group decided that our house was good for a 1966 ad.
. This exact model car was manufactured up until 1992 by Chrysler.

jeep1966.gif (155762 bytes)