Stowe Mountain Resort, AIG American International Insurance Group, Mount Mansfield

Big Mountain Although most western ski areas are surrounded by mountains 12,000 feet high many people are surprised to learn typical vertical drops at these ski areas is only 3,300 feet. Stowe Mountain rises 3,393 feet above your rental property. And at Stowe Mountain Resort (owned by AIG - American International Insurance Group) you get 2,100 feet of this vertical in one CONTINUOUS expert fall line with NO run-outs. Only 5 other ski areas in the world offer this (the biggest rumored continuous vertical is BlackComb in BC with 5,280 feet). Famous Tuckerman's Ravine on Mount Washington drops only 600 feet. Pictured left: EXTREME continuous vertical in Mt. Mansfield State Forest­the fab "front four" Starr, National, Lift Line, and Goat, served by high speed quad. The headwall (trails in the shade at the top) drops 600 feet. Even if you are not up to this level of skiing, with each ride up the lift you are entertained with a close up view of the world's best boarders and skiers tackling the hardest trails in the world!

Real Mountain When evaluating ski areas it is sometimes difficult distinguishing fact from marketing hype. For example, some areas talk about how they "interconnect six mountains with lifts" and others allege to have "the most vertical drop." What may be unclear is their vertical consists of ski lifts to distant condominium developments or access roads that pass over miles of terrain flat enough to be a golf course. And their six "mountains" - well, they might all fit inside Stowe Mountain (actually named Mount Mansfield). Pictured right: Night skiing slope on 2500' vertical & mile long high speed gondola.

Huge Snowfall STOWE averages 250 inches of snowfall per year - that's more than Sun Valley, Idaho. This is because Stowe Mountain's western face drops to only 90 feet above sea level - winds compress while passing a 4,300 foot upslope vertical. Thus STOWE receives a great deal of unforecast local "lake effect" snow from Lake Champlain, the Canadian Maritimes, and even the eastern Great Lakes-which often is not reported on weather forecasts.

Snowmaking Today snowmaking on 73% of STOWE's slopes and nightly resurfacing diminish the weather's impact on ski conditions. Nevertheless, we strongly urge skiers invest in ski lessons. Proper ski techniques reduce and eliminate aches and pains as well as allow a skier to handle icy spots as effectively as snow. Left: snowmaking guns at work

Fantastic Spring Skiing Snowmaking on STOWE's major trails builds up a 4-6 foot base and the main slopes face north so direct sun does not cause melting. In late March the sun rises over the headwall and warm sun floods the bowl- providing a spring skier's paradise! STOWE never closes due to lack of snow!

Community The most wonderful thing for many STOWE enthusiasts is that STOWE looks and feels like a town, not a development. While driving to the ski area you don't see hundreds of condominiums dotting the mountainsides. You don't see multi-lane highways with street and traffic lights. STOWE is what the word "vacation" is all about.[Ed. Note:This may change in the future. As of Nov. 2000 AIG, Stowe Mountain Resort's owner, is promoting a $135 million expansion that would include construction of approx. 2000 hotel rooms at the ski area. The units, however, will NOT be slopeside to the main mountain because the prime real estate is state forest. You would have to take a ski lift or shuttle bus back to this planned development, while at this rental property you can ski home on trails packed by ski area snow cats!]

Ski Capital of the East Have you ever skied at STOWE? STOWE is referred to as "Ski Capital of the East" because it was the east's first ski area built on the mountain with the most snow and the most expert-class vertical drop. Thomas Watson, Jr., former head of IBM, chose to build his ski lodge in STOWE when IBM hit the billion dollar mark. (Father, Son & Co., Thomas Watson, Jr., Bantam Press, 1990, p. 318.)

Ski area statistics:

  • Is on the highest mountain in the state.
  • One of 5 ski areas in the world where expert trails drop more than 2100' vertical with NO run-outs.
  • Receives on average 20 feet of snowfall per year.
  • Has 430 football fields of ski terrain.
  • Has an 8-passenger gondola that is of the fastest-type currently made.
  • Its main lifts are each more than a mile long.
  • Main lifts go to top of the mountain - no need to change lifts.
  • Has night skiing on a 2500' vertical slope.

If you're a western skier, make no mistake -
STOWE has as much to offer as any western ski area!

Created 2-24-1997 Rev. 11-05-2000